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Turning energy was included in the Hangzhou city science and technology enterprise project "Eagle plan" list

     Congratulations to Hangzhou Turning Energy Technology Development Co. Ltd. of Hangzhou city in 2017 was included in the high-tech start-up enterprises developing project list, see on < Notice on Issuing the implementation opinions of Hangzhou science and technology start-ups training project (2015-2017) > (Hangzhou, [2015]79), which belongs to our "Eagle plan" enterprises.

"Eagle plan" is the government according to the " Hangzhou science and technology start-ups training project (2015-2017) implementation of the opinion", selected in line with the Hangzhou city industrial development oriented, with independent intellectual property rights, high technology content, has obvious characteristics, in technology and business model innovation on technology and market have a certain maturity, and the production and the marketing plan is feasible and the market development potential, good growth of enterprises, focus on cultivating.
    Have been named "Eagle plan enterprise" and "science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang province", is the government and the experts fully affirmed the Turning energy made in science and technology innovation, research and development projects, patents and other technology projects work efforts and achievements and recognition towards Turning energy development in the field of science and technology industry development process in a solid step is Turning energy "science and technology enterprises, to create the domestic first-class gas separation industry's most competitive enterprises and a case.
    Firmly believe that the future of Turning energy resources will better play the technical advantages and resource advantages, to make greater contributions to the community.
Appendix: list from 2017 Hangzhou city science and technology start-ups developing project "Eagle plan" enterprises.

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